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Installing Group Leads Chrome Extension

Please, follow these steps to install group leads chrome extension.

Step #1: Click this link to install group leads chrome browser extension directly from chrome webstore

Step #2: Click Add to Chrome button that shows up.

A pop up will come up, click on Add extension button. Once the installation is completed, a success page would open up.

You will find group leads logo in your extension tray as shown below.

Step #3: Click on this icon to open up group leads, enter your license and then click the red login button. Don’t have a license? get one here.

The backend of group leads looks like what’s shown below.

The first thing you need to set up is your google sheet url, where you would be saving all your group members data including their email addresses.

First, you have to make a copy of the official group leads spreadsheet located here, name the spreadsheet as your facebook group name and copy the url of the new google sheet url to the form shown below.

Click on verify and then click on UPDATE button to save your changes.

Depending on if you’re signed into your google account or not, a popup might come up asking you to authenticate with google sheet by following the prompts. Do so and once everything is fine, the blue verify link would change to Green Verified text.


From this point, you can proceed with the last part of setting up group leads which has to do with integrating group leads with your favourite email autoresponder.

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