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How to Integrate Group Leads With Active Campaign

I assume you’ve installed group leads and also setup your google sheet.

In order to integrate group leads with active campaign, the first thing you need to do is to create a dedicated email list for your group members and name it with what you can relate to later.

As an example, I have used the name FB GROUP MEMBERS.

Hovering over the list name would show an ID at the buttom of the browser, you need to know that ID because we would be using it in the next step.

For a brand new active campaign account, the ID of the first email list you create is 1 and then the next one would be 2 and it would keep increasing as you create more lists.

So here, our list ID is 1.

Now, you need to setup your credentials for your email autoresponder. Click the group leads icon on your extension tray and login with your license.

Select Active campaign and make it active as your autoresponder(as shown above) and then click on credentials and you would be able to copy your active campaign url/app path, api key as well as list ID to group leads.

After this step, please click verify and update button and if your credentials are correct, you would get a green message at the top after saving.


You’ve been able to configure group leads with active campaign. Please, click on the BACK button.

The last thing you need to do is to use group leads to approve new members from your facebook group into your active campaign email list.

Right now, my spreadsheet is new & empty before approving new members as you can see below.

Now, to approve new group members into this group and take their details to the google sheet on file as well as add their email addresses to configured email list.

I have to select my filter if there is need. The essence of the filter is to make sure you approve only those you want to get into the group.

For example in the drop down questions, you can see the three filters.

By default, All is selected meaning that if there are people who requested to join this group now, either they answer or they don’t answer my questions, once I hit custom approve all button, all of them would get into the group and google sheet.

But I can decide to approve only those that answered the questions by selecting the Answered questions filter and then click on approve all button.

Once that is done, all the leads would go into your google sheet as shown below and the email addresses of all newly approved group members would be taken and added to your active campaign email list.

Because I approved just one person into the group, I was able to get the email address of the new member into active campaign as you can see below.

With this, you been able to integrate group leads with active campaign and also generate leads from your facebook group to your google sheet and eventually your active campaign CRM.

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