The Best Group Convert Alternative (2020)

You are probably here because you’re researching for the best Group Convert alternative.

Are you a current user of the group convert chrome extension and you’re fed up with the way the extension works?

No worries.

Today, am going to show you the best Group Convert Alternative in 2020.

Let’s dive right in.

What is Group Convert?

Group Convert is a google chrome extension that helps you collect leads from your Facebook group and add them to your google sheet as well as email autoresponder with the aid of a third party software called Zapier.

Group Convert also has an affiliate programme where you can promote the software and earn 50% per sale you make.

The Best Group Convert Alternative In 2019

Looking for the best Group Convert alternative?

Stop wasting time and money, just check out Group Leads chrome extension – the leading alternative of Group Convert.


Below are some of the reasons why you need to choose Group Leads as the best alternative to Group Convert.

1. Ease of use

Group leads is an easy to use Facebook group lead generation extension. You don’t need to go through endless video tutorials to learn how to use group leads.

Unlike learning how to use group convert, where you start learning how to use Zapier in addition to using the software itself.

Group Leads setup and usage is pretty straight forward.

2. No Support For New Facebook Layout

Group convert does not currently support the new Facebook layout. That is what you expect when a software is created by a marketer.

Unlike Group Leads whose team are developers, Group Leads has support for the new Facebook layout.

3. Group Convert pricing

As you’ve probably known, Group Convert runs as a monthly subscription of $17 per month with support for three facebook groups while you can pay $8.99 monthly to use Group Leads on four Facebook Groups.

That’s is two times the price of Group Leads.

All Group Convert plans start with a 14 days free trial but Group Leads starts with 7 days free trial. Group Convert is better in this regard because they give users more days to try out the chrome extension.

But if you want to use Group Convert for unlimited Facebook Groups, you have to upgrade to lifetime license which is going to cost you $197, a very big upfront commitment.

4. One-Click Facebook group leads generation

With Group Convert, you cannot achieve a one-click Facebook group lead generation as it requires more than one step to achieve that.

When you approve new members, the data of the leads would have to go through a new chrome tab where you now have the option to push the data to Google Sheet or not.

After pushing the data, you must clear everything before your next approval or else there is likely to be a mix-up.

After the push, then Zapier would take the emails from your tab and add the emails to email marketing autoresponder you’ve set up in Zapier.

Group Leads doesn’t require all these steps as you only have to click the approval button once and all leads data go through google sheet and all emails supplied by new members would go to your specified email list.

No clearing, no manual copying and no tedious work.

Check out Group Leads here.

Generate Leads from your Facebook group

Group Leads can help! 


You’ve been able to know why Group Leads is the best Group Convert alternative in 2020.

It is very easy to use, has support for the awesome new Facebook layout, it doesn’t require Zapier before it can work, the support behind the product is fantastic and the best of it all, you can get started without upfront commitment.

Why not start with Group Leads free trial to see how it works and you’re free to cancel before the end of your trial if you eventually don’t like the software because you’re protected by 30 days money-back guarantee.

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