Group Convert Review: Is it worth it? My verdict

As a business owner, I am always searching for ways to grow my business. When I first learned about the potential of Facebook groups, I wondered how much they could truly do for my business. So many software products and lead generation tools promise incredible results to harness the power of Facebook groups and email list growth. I wasn’t sure where to even start.

Group Convert is a popular Google Chrome extension that claims to help you grow your Facebook group, capture leads, and sell your products to a captive audience. With the 14-day free trial and a starter plan at $10 per month, it seems like a low-risk way to get started with a Facebook group Chrome extension.

Through my own research and experience, I have found some pros and cons with Group Convert, and I’ve also found my preferred alternative to this product. Keep reading my Group Convert review and final verdict on this tool.

What is Group Convert?

Group Convert is an automation tool for Facebook groups. The Google Chrome extension helps users collect emails from their Facebook groups, so business owners can convert those leads into customers. The software promises full automation for transferring your Facebook group leads to your email list.

How does Group Convert work?

Group Convert is a Google Chrome extension that integrates directly with your Chrome browser, so you can access it from Chrome. This tool uses Google Sheets to store information from your Facebook group. When someone wants to join your Facebook group, they are asked up to three questions that you determine. One of these questions should include their email address.

Next, you have to add the shared link for your Google Sheets document with your Facebook group. Once this is linked, you can publish data from your Facebook questions to your Google Sheet when you approve new members for your group. From here, you have to share this Google Sheet with your preferred autoresponder. The integration to your email marketing tool is not direct, so a few extra steps are involved here.

You can now email your Facebook group members without having to copy and paste their emails directly to a spreadsheet or your autoresponder manually. This is also a way to back up your Facebook groups data in case anything happens to your group.

Group Convert Pricing

Group Convert offers a 14-day free trial, so you can use the software without having to pay. After that, you can use the tool at three different tiers.

  • The Starter Lite Plan is $10/month. You can integrate one Facebook group and one Google Sheet. Email support and training are included.
  • The Silver Plan is $17/month. You can integrate up to three Facebook groups and three Google Sheets.
  • The Lifetime Executive Plan is a one-time payment of $197. You can integrate unlimited Facebook groups and Google Sheets. You will also receive chat support if needed.
group convert review

Who uses Group Convert?

The Group Convert customer base is made up of Facebook group owners. People who are struggling to generate leads from their Facebook group or keep up with their Facebook group leads use the software to organize and back up data.

Which features does Group Convert offer?

The main feature of the Group Convert tool is automation. This Chrome extension can add all of your pending group members’ emails and answers to the entry questions to your Google Sheet document. Facebook group owners do not have to manually copy and paste the emails and answers from new members.

You can connect Group Convert to your autoresponder, but it has to be done through Zapier. If you set up a Zapier connection between Group Convert and your preferred email marketing tool, you can push data from Group Convert to your email marketing campaigns.

Pros of Group Convert

  • Group Convert isn’t the cheapest option, but it is relatively affordable on a monthly basis.
  • The 14-day free trial is one of the longest offered for a Google Chrome extension for Facebook groups.
  • If you are willing to pay for a higher tier of service, you can receive support through email.

Cons of Group Convert

  • Zapier integrations are required. Group Convert does not integrate with popular autoresponders. If you want to use the emails you collect for your email marketing campaigns, you will have to connect the tool to your autoresponder through Zapier. I found that this extra step can slow down the process greatly.
  • Moving data from your Facebook group to Google Sheet is not a one-click process. Once new members are approved, you have to choose to publish the data to your Google Sheet. For me, this leads to more issues because data has to be cleared between sessions. If it is not, you could be duplicating data and potentially losing information in the process.
  • A lot of training is needed. Using Group Convert is not as easy as the software’s creator would have you believe. It took several videos and re-watching tutorials to figure out how the tool really works, and I am not the only one to experience this issue.

Group Convert alternative: Group Leads

While Group Convert offers some of the features Facebook group owners need, I have found a more comprehensive solution. Group Leads is another Google Chrome extension designed for Facebook group owners. You can set up Group Leads in just three steps and enjoy complete automation for turning your Facebook group members into leads, instead of just partial automation.

Why should you Choose Group Leads over Group Convert?

  • It is super easy to use. I found the tutorials and setup for Group Leads to be much easier to follow than Group Convert. It takes just minutes to start running Group Leads with your Facebook group.
  • With Group Leads, you get more for your money. At just $97/year, you can integrate with up to four Facebook groups. This works out to less than $8.08 each month and half the price of Group Convert’s silver package.
  • There are no Zapier integrations required! You would never have to pay for any Zapier plan. Group Leads would link directly to your email marketing software without a Zapier connections. This saves me money on Zapier fees and makes the whole process much faster and easier.
  • There is currently no support for the new Facebook layout.

Conclusion: Try Group Leads for free today!

You can compare these two software options for yourself, thanks to the 7-day free trial of Group Leads. After just one week, I know you will come to the same verdict that I did.

Group Leads offers more features, it is easier to use, there is support for the new Facebook layout and it is more cost-effective than Group Convert.