Group Funnels Review: Beware Before You Signup!!

You have a Facebook group which you intend to generate leads for your business. 

You also wish to grow your email list and write content for your newsletters using the leads from your Facebook group. 

Doing that manually is going to press on your time which you could use instead to work on your content, help clients and customers and achieve your marketing goals quickly. 

An instant search will land you to a page with a couple of tools like Group Leads, Group Funnels etc. 

But do you always jump and then find how deep you have fallen? Worry not, we shall do a Group Funnels review for you, so you can then make up your mind if you think it is a better option to, say Group Leads

What Is Group Funnels?

When you create a Facebook group for business or marketing purposes, you are given an option to add up to 3 questions to ask from the prospective users who are willing to join your group. 

Some group owners would want to use these answers as a lead/content generation think tank. 

Most content marketers create an important question requesting email addresses if the user intends to receive newsletters from the group admin. 

These email addresses serve as a crucial database for a marketer. 

Here’s where Group Funnels comes in. It is an online tool, available in the form of a Google Extension, that helps the content marketers to save the email addresses of the joiners into a Google sheet automatically. 

So How Does Group Funnels Work?

Let’s say for instance, you have launched a custom designed gift wrap service. After putting in all your efforts to launch your online store, you learnt that Facebook is an excellent source to promote your business, gather leads for your newsletter, inspire ideas from 3 creative group on-boarding questions and make money. 

You come across Group Funnels and decide to pay for the Google Chrome extension and begin using it. 

Here’s what it does for you….

When a potential customer/user gives their email address as an answer to the group welcome question, you click a button to accept the user into your group.

Then, Group Funnels, which you have linked to your Facebook group captures those email addresses and transfers it to a document. These email addresses and other data wait there until you push it manually to a Google Spreadsheet. 

You will then have to use another app called Zapier, where you have to click once more to move those email addresses from the Google Spreadsheet onto your email autoresponder, like MailerLite, Mail Chimp etc. 

It is from here then, where you can actually begin to utilize the gathered data for creating content, follow up or market to your leads.

Group Funnels Review

While it does seem to intend to help you save time and build your email list, Group Funnels does have a lot of manual steps that you still have to do despite your heavy initial investment!

Looking for a Group Funnels alternative? Check this out:

How Easy Is It To Use? 

Once you purchase it, Group Funnels is a one click download as a Google Chrome extension. 

Then you have to connect it to your Facebook group. Group Funnels supports lead generation from multiple groups. Next you have to create a Google Sheet with the necessary columns.

When this is done, you then connect your email address and the URL of your Google sheet to the Group Funnels account settings. You will also finally connect it to your preferred email autoresponder.

Before you begin generating leads from your Facebook group, you have to do the crucial step of setting up Zapier. If you aren’t already familiar with Zapier, then it has quite a technical set-up process that you may need tech support for. 

While the creators of Group Funnels have a ‘tech training’, as mentioned on their site, to help with the set up and running of this lead generation tool, it is another investment of your time, trying to understand the functioning of this complex tool.

Why Is Zapier Necessary For Group Funnels?

Zapier is the intermediary for Facebook lead generation of emails via Group Funnels.

It is the main and only connection between your Google sheet and your email autoresponder.

Without Zapier, all you would get from Group Funnels, is an email list of prospective contacts. 

If your Facebook group happens to become the talk of the town, drawing in more users, you run out of Zaps quickly. 

For the free trial, Zapier offers 100 tasks per month with only 5 active Zaps at a given time. 

100 email users is not a lot of leads for a business that is looking to thrive. You will eventually have to upgrade on Zapier which then again has packages that limits active Zaps at a given time. 

(Did you know? Group Leads, on the other hand, does not have this cumbersome addition to its usage.)

Is Group Funnels Free?

Group Funnel has an initial cost of $297 upfront. 

Group Funnels cannot be tested without purchasing it to use for a lifetime access.

Also, among the other positive comments, a user expressed their dismay to an important aspect. What if you paid for it, then decided it doesn’t meet all your requirements or you are unable to keep up paying for Zapier to continue with Group Funnels?

Screenshot of Facebook comment of Group Funnels review.
Text reads: "Impossible to cancel subscription. Buggy interface, kept telling me my account didn't exist. No support to contact. Wouldn't recommend." By Jack Ellis on 10 June 2018
Review by user on the official Facebook page.

Group Funnels has a one time pricing model. If you are a new startup or wishing to test the tool before using, you may have to look for an alternative. 

For instance, Group Leads on the other hand has a Free trial, an easy Starter package for only $17, guaranteeing more features and benefits and no other extra charges. (It also offers a 100% 30 days money-back guarantee.)

What Does Group Funnels Do For You?

Group Funnels can save the answers of your Facebook group joinees as a database for your marketing.

Then you have to click a button to save that data onto a Google Sheet. Then use Zapier to transfer this lead information to your preferred email responders. to be able to finally use the data you have collected. 

How Do I Contact For Help?

If you run into a complex problem or a technical stint or have questions at any stage of running Group Funnels, your source of help is their help center.

Screenshot of contact centre from Group Funnels website.
Screenshot from the contact centre for Group Funnels

You need to find your problem among their list of articles and see if it helps you solve the issue. If not, then you have to raise a ticket and wait for their response. 

(Did you know? Group Leads offers quick and responsive customer support via Live Chat, Email and Zoom demo call.)


Group Funnels Review Pointers:

Ease of Use★★★✩✩
Customer Support★✩✩✩✩

In Summary of this group funnels review, if you are looking to have a tool to just save the initial answers from your Facebook group without you having to do that one thing, and you have the resources to fund that humongous initial cost, and you have the time to click to save the data on Google Sheet, then click to move it from Zapier to your autoresponder, each and every time you accept a chunk of users; then you may go ahead get Group Funnels.

Or, in my personal opinion, check out the more feature rich, least expensive (in fact test it for FREE), smoothly interfaced, no hassle online tool to really click ONCE to save all your Facebook group data onto your email autoresponder; the one and only Group Leads. (No Zapier, we promise you that!)

Apart from these, there is support for the new Facebook layout.

Now please go ahead and check this out for yourself!