The Best Groupboss Alternative In 2020 (Start For Free)

Your Facebook group is expanding and you are super excited to turn your leads into sales. You’ve signed up with the latest solution in the market to capture the leads.

Your quick hunt brought you to the Groupboss Chrome Extension. You swiftly read their website and you almost bought your package for almost $300. 

That’s when you stopped in your tracks and realized that there is no way you could test it before buying! And if you are a startup, why would you block your funds in one package when there are pocket-friendly alternatives that do more than Groupboss?

I’ve been there. I can hear you. I needed software that I could test before I bought it. I also needed something for my startup. Surely there must be some software for me?

Wait until I tell you what a treasure I found! Everything you read below is ‘the’ golden key, the best Groupboss alternative, to making those bucks coming in from your Facebook group leads!

What is Groupboss Chrome extension

Groupboss software is a new-in-the-market tool that, the website says, can convert your Facebook group members into leads for your business.  

Started at early 2020, it captures the three questions that members answer at the time of joining the group. This data is then transferred automatically to a google sheet and your email marketing software (e.g, Mailchimp, Mailerlite etc).

Sounds good?

But what if I told you that among the competitors of this Facebook group market — is Group Leads, a better alternative that offers you more options and features.

What is the Best Groupboss alternative

The world is growing smarter and everybody out there is looking to mine leads from Facebook. Groups on Facebook particularly offer more leads than ever. This has resulted in a lot of lead generating chrome extensions to pop up in the market. 

Group Leads has emerged to be a trusted, reliable and easy-to-use software with an experience of over 2000+ users. Thus making it one of the best Groupboss alternatives you can ever find. 

Let’s chart down the differences and reasons that you will find ensuring about Group Leads to your needs and requirements.

Group Leads vs Groupboss

As with every software developed in the same niche, there are similarities and differences between Group Leads and Groupboss. These variations are the crowning factor to determine the best software for you. 

Feasible Plans:

The developers of Group Leads understand that there are many types of businesses like startups, just launched, small businesses, local online Facebook shops, entrepreneurs e.t.c.

Every one of them has different budgets, requirements, number of groups, members etc. 

Group Leads is built with keeping every unique requirement in mind. It offers you three different packages to choose from. 

You have the option to select the starter package, the pro package or the life-time package. Each of them has powerful options with variations only to suit your benefit.

On the other hand, Groupboss allows you to pay upfront to buy their hefty and only package. 

Free Trial:

How would you know if automated lead generation through your Facebook group is good for you? By trying out the software!

If you want to quickly convert every member that joins your Facebook group into leads for your business, you’ll need a software that does everything for you. 

Group Leads is the only software in the market that lets you try any of its packages for free. For 7 days, you can test out Group Leads on your Facebook group and generate leads. 

This will help you to thoroughly test out the features and help you select the best package for your needs. 

Incase of Groupboss, you can read up what they have to say on their website, buy the one big package and go with the flow. No free trial. 

Refund Policy: 

Group Leads offers a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee. Under any situation where you decide to abandon Group Leads, you could just let customer service know. They’ve got your back and refund you swiftly.  

Instead, if you sign up with Groupboss, and for any reason, you decide you don’t want the software, you’re protected only by a 14-day refund policy. 

No Support For The New Facebook Layout

Groupboss doesn’t support the new Facebook layout at the moment whereas Group Leads support the new Facebook layout.

Customer Support:

The most powerful and successful products around the world are those that are backed by quick, responsive and exceptional customer service. 

Group Leads has proven time-and-again to have the most effective customer support via email, chat and their dedicated Facebook group. 

Every query and user receives prompt responses and guidance. The reviews on the chrome extension and the Facebook group are glowing examples of support provided by the team.

best groupboss alternative

Group Leads additionally offers live setup support via Zoom. The support team guides you step by step in installation and have you running the tool quickly and hassle-free. 

23 Email Marketing Software Support:

To join your Facebook group, members enter answers for three questions. Group Leads stores these answers in 3 places for you. 

It first saves the answers to your Group Leads web app dashboard. Then, it automatically saves these to your Google sheet. 

Thirdly, it saves your email leads to your email autoresponder or marketing software. You can link Group Leads with ‘any’ of your favourite email marketing software! You will never have to use Zapier.

To get all this done, you just click the red ‘Approve’ if you want to approve individually or ‘Custom Approve All’ if you want to approve all the new members!

As of today, there are 23email autoresponders that have been integrated into Group Leads.

In case of Groupboss, you have the option of only three email marketing softwares built in their system — just MailChimp, Lemlist and Active Campaign.

If you use any other awesome email autoresponder, then you’d have to download a CSV file from your Groupboss dashboard. Then load it into your email autoresponder. 

Or, you’d have to buy a Zapier subscription software and then go through further steps, each time you add members from your Facebook group. 


Group Leads is built to keep data of every member of your Facebook group secure.

The information from the answers that your members enter at the beginning of joining your Facebook group are stored in a secure Google sheet without allowing any external party to view or edit the sheet. 

Groupboss, on the other hand, requires you to turn on link sharing before linking it to the extension. You will have to make the sheet editable by anyone with the link. This makes it unsecured with all the email and other information of the users you have collected from your group. 

Besides, Google has not yet approved the Groupboss application. You will have to go through the process of changing their security setting during installation to unsecure. 


Groupboss is a brand new startup that has just entered the market recently in 2020 after copying the idea of Group Leads

Groupboss started barely three months ago while Group Leads started far back from December, 2018.

As of today, Group Leads has been installed and used by over 2000+ individuals and business – including employees from top brands such as Freelancer, WPFeedback, iCloud, Hotprospector, Awardwallert e.t.c. They have been able to successfully use this software to generate leads and make more money for their businesses.

Group Leads stands today as a huge time saver and the most simple to use tool ever. After your first installation, you will not be doing anything else other than clicking the approve button and everything is done automatically for you. 

groupboss alternative

You can see your information in a visually attractive interface that is very easy to use. The web app dashboard also offers a smooth graphic experience for your data to sort, filter and create custom audiences.


As with every good software, Group Leads is frequently updated and polished with newly added features. This results in a smoother experience for you to stay ahead of your schedule. 

Group Leads offer you the ease of use and simplicity in lead generation. 

From all of the above-mentioned points and your own experience with starting for free, you will surely find yourself choosing Group Leads to be the best Groupboss alternative ever.