What is the Best Group Collector Alternative in 2020?

Facebook groups have emerged as the top lead market for content and business. If you have a Facebook group, you must have been out there looking for a ‘lead’ gathering software to help you. 

Searching for the latest one might have landed you with Group Collector chrome extension. It looked easily priced and simple on the overview. 

You got the licence key, added your group through a number of manual steps and found it very basic. Now you have to look around for another Group Collector alternative software that will do the rest of the things such as analytics, creating audiences etc. 

Why look for multiple software to do a lot of task in lead generation and your Facebook group management, when all that can be done in just ‘One’ single, backed by hundreds of five-star reviews, easily packaged, all-in-one Group Collector Alternative?

So what software is that?

I’ll tell you in a while. For now, let’s see why you actually need a lead generation software tool and how it should help you. 

Why you must have a lead generating tool

Facebook groups have helped numerous businesses and content creators rise to massive glorify just by automating their lead collection process. 

Even you can do that and grow by getting the right lead attracting tool. Here’s why you should have one:

  • You can convert every new member joining your Facebook group member into a client/customer/user.
  • You can freely do analytics to see how your Facebook group is growing.
  • Do you have not one, but many groups? The tool should do everything for ALL your groups. 
  • You can build a targeted and responsive email list. 
  • Want to know why people didn’t answer your joining questions? The tool should automatically find that out for you.
  • Do you need a specific audience for your Facebook group? Your tool should auto filter that you.

The key to finding the right tool to help you is choosing the one that does ALL of the above. 

So if you’ve got the Group Collector, let’s find out what it does.

What is Group Collector Chrome Extension?

This is a newly release chrome extension in the market that tells you it can ‘Collect emails’ from the members of your group on ‘auto-pilot’. 

It’s true, that’s exactly what it does. Once you download the chrome extension, purchase the package, and set it up through multiple steps, Group Collector collects the answers of your members at the time of joining the group. It then proceeds to push them into a Google sheet and its dashboard. 


Here is something that would shock you.

The group collector team downloaded one of the previous version of Group Leads (before our redesign), made a few changes, made it their own and started selling it?

Same classes, same filename, same paddle checkout notice, part of the script from our video sales letter was copied.

They copied anything you can imagine!

Why You Need a Group Collector Alternative 

Let’s say you have to choose between car A that :

  • Looks new and shiny 
  • But as no data on mileage or performance. 
  • Only one support option

And another car B which has:

  • Been driven by over 2000+ drivers who can prove to you 
  • Multiple features, performance, mileage and is always updated.

Which one would you choose?

Of course, Car B. Why jump in pools that are brand new and no sight of the lifeguard around?

Such is also the case with software. After all, it is ‘data’ that is the crux of generating leads and content for you to make money or grow your brand. 

If you’re wise and prudent, then you’ll look and get only that software tool that truly saves your time, money and helps you focus on your main tasks. 

I’m about to reveal to you the BEST and ONLY Group Collector Alternative you’ll ever need! 

It is called Group Leads.

What is Group Leads chrome extension?

Group Leads is a chrome extension that was built with the sole focus of saving time in every way and helping group owners gather leads. 

It has been a groundbreaking software in the Facebook group management arena by automating multiple functions. 

The two strongest features of this software that stand the test of time, is the ease of use as well as extensive user support.

Your time is money. You need to only focus on growing your brand and community. That’s why you’ll only need Group Leads to help you convert your Facebook group members to leads and future paying customers

Why Group Leads is the Best Group Collector Alternative?

The internet is like a huge shopping mall of software that promises to save your time and help you make money. The best software tool is the one that is tried by hundreds of people and actually proves to do what it promises. 

Here are some powerful factors that will help you choose Group Leads as the best Group Collector alternative:

User Support

When you have to invest money, the first thing you naturally look for is user support from the software developers. 

Group Collector offers support to users via email. You can click on a chatbox on their website, where you will be led to a form to enter your help query by sending an email. 

Group Collector Alternative

The only other way to reach the developers of Group Collector is through their Facebook group community. 

On the other hand, Group Leads offers extensive customer support. The team is available to help you with a very quick turnaround. 

Every user of Group Leads can find support via email, chat and a dedicated Facebook group. Besides this, Group Leads also supports its valuable users by helping them on a Zoom call, going live with their users and supporting until the solution is found. 

Group Collector Alternative
Group Leads Zoom Call Request

Ease of Setup & Use

Once you download the Group Collector chrome extension, you’ll get the licence key after purchasing your plan. 

The same is the case with Group Leads. 

But the difference comes in here. When you have Group Collector, each time you want to add any of your Facebook groups to the tool, you’ll have to manually click on ‘create group’. Then you’ll enter your group name, copy your FB group URL then paste it on the tool.

However, for Group Leads, you’ll just have to go to the main page of your Facebook group. Then you click on your icon of Group Leads on the chrome extensions bar, you’ll instantly see a button ‘Add this group’. When you just click that, everything gets loaded already!

Group Leads

Pricing Guarantee

Credibility is the foundation of any business, product or brand. If you promise one thing on the homepage of your site, then you also offer the same thing on your sales point page. 

Here’s what Group Collector offers on their site homepage. 

Group Collector Alternative

Their lifetime payment plan is offered at 97$ per 50 years. They also mention in the features that you ‘Never Pay Again’. 

However, once you purchase this plan, you’ll be taken to the next page that will suddenly imply that you shall be paying 97$ every 5 years. 

Group Collector Alternative

On the other hand, Group Leads has over 2000+ users who have successfully installed, bought and used the tool without any pricing problems ever. You can easily begin using the tool for free on any of the plans for a whole of 7 days to find which package is suitable for you. 

Facebook Interface

Group Collector boldly mentions that their tool should ‘not’ be used on the new Facebook interface. Given that the chrome extension has been just recently launched, it has not been able to quickly change to support the newer interface of Facebook. 

However, the developers of Group Leads are already in the process of developing the tool to fit the new Facebook interface too. In this way, users of the older interface can continue using Group Leads as well as users of the new interface can find this tool customized for them too. 

Auto Responder Support

The Group Collector allows you to connect your groups to your email marketing software. Currently, you can connect 9 email autoresponder softwares. 

But what if your choice of email marketing software is not included in the list? You invested in a lead generating tool that was to generate leads for you and also connect to your email autoresponder. 

Here’s where you need to hook up with the best Group Collector alternative. 

Group Leads offers linking the leads from your group to any of your favorite email marketing software out of 23 options. 

This support with a variety of autoresponders to choose from, will help you save money and time. You’ll only need one tool Group Leads, and no other software will be needed extra.  


Your brand, business, idea or product requires your time and energy. In this generation of artificial intelligence and automation of mundane tasks, you definitely need a solidly built software that handles lead generation from your Facebook groups. 

Group Leads has been tested by thousands of users for winning since the beginning to help every Facebook group owner generate leads. 

To summarize, here’s what Group Leads does for you:

  • Generates leads from your Facebook groups.
  • Saves your data on a Google sheet.
  • Integrates your leads with your favorite email autoresponder.
  • Multiple options for auto-approval of members. 
  • Provides groups’ data for analytics and improvement purposes. 
  • Sends a custom message to members who haven’t answered the questions before joining. 
  • Automatically declines spammers. 
  • Prevents data loss; saves data in 3 places at one go. 
  • Elaborate and supportive customer support. 

If you’re out there struggling to find a Group Collector alternative, look no further and sign up with Group Leads for free. We are here to guide you every step of the way and promise results from the time you begin!