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Amazing customer service. Quick to respond to third-party software changes. Wonderful open communication in their business Facebook page and through other avenues. Clear and helpful instructions on resolving issues.

Angelina Pennell

Nov 01, 2022

Ms. Gozum was so helpful and easy to talk to. Her knowledge base was excellent and she was patient with me. I'm very untechy and she was able to show me where I was having the problem and then tested it out so I could repeat the correct way to make it work. I almost canceled the appointment but I am sosososo glad I didn't. She's a keeper. Thanks.

PS make sure no one is using "Wave Browser" it slipped in when I enrolled in my Affiliate program and it carries malicious elements and DOESN'T work with Group Leads.

Nancy Payne

Nov 2, 2022

GroupLeads has been excellent for us - helping to retrieve contact names and email addresses from all group members. Facebook has given GroupLeads its fair share of challenges this year by changing its code, but the GroupLeads team has always pivoted quickly and sent out updates and fixes. Their Facebook group is great for keeping users up to date on any issues and fixes.

Mary-Beth Sowerby VA

Nov 18, 2022

HUGE fan of this plugin! When it comes to pulling leads from Facebook group questions, but this one integrates with autoresponder APIs and they're always adding new integrations.I LOVE THAT FEATURE.

If you've ever used a plugin like this before, you know that sending the leads to a Google Sheet and zapping it to your autoresponder is a gaint pain in the butt, and it doesn't always work right. This plugin takes care of the hassle for you. I'll use it for as long as I'm running Facebook groups.

Ronald Saker

Jan 8, 2020

I'll be honest that I was skeptical of this extension and the accuracy and competitive pricing. I have days that I bring in 30+ qualified leads into FB groups daily and this has been a game-changer!. I'll be sure to share with my network and clients.

Michelle Nicole McNabb

Apr 23, 2019

Excellent product and amazing support! I was previously using Group Funnels which had some pretty limited functionality and lots of bugs. Group Leads is much easier to use and easier to automate (especially if you're not super techy)! When I thought I was having trouble getting it up and running and Jamie jumped on to help within minutes. Highly recommend!

Jennifer & James Randeau

Oct 8, 2019

This extension will help you do what Facebook idiotically will not. The developer is very nice and VERY responsive. He fixed 2 or 3 issues on the spot within a few minutes of contacting him. Unlike some of the other questionable extensions that require you to hook up to zapier, this one hooks directly into the API of your favorite CRM/AutoResponder. It's one less step and one less thing to break.If you manage a group and you want to collect the leads there is no better option than this. Just get it, pay for it and thank me later.

Matthew Burt

Oct 8, 2019

This app is amazing - so easy to install and set up, and the customer service is on point. I was talked through the whole process and even given some tips specific to my group and goals. Was really impressed with the whole package and cannot wait to start adding people to my group! Thank you Jamiu for all your help and walking me through the process.

Samantha Segaert

Aug 04, 2019

Group lead has allowed me to build immediate connections with my group members which has increased group engagement and revenue. I have used it for over 2 years and found it to be well worth the investment. Now with all things tech, there have been some issues originating from Facebook making changes, but they have always been responsive and proactive in letting me know and have traditionally resolved the issue in 24 hours.

Sabrina Walker Hernandez

Nov 16, 2022

Just started using this week. Great features and easy to use.To message and add to a welcome post is so cool.Thanks!

Casey Gollan

Mar 11, 2022

Great software! I was sceptical at the start whether it would work as advertised, but it's been great. Few little bugs to start with, but Jamiu responded very quickly and had them fixed faster than i've ever seen from a software company. We get 30+ leads every day and this has saved us so much time and gotten us so much quality market research. Plus there is no need for Zapier like the other similar extensions on the market. More inclusive with a reasonable price for the time saved.onal and gone to great lengths to assist me. Her patience with me as I continuously changed my plans is to be commended. Her service re-affirms why I always choose to book through an agency instead of directly.

Thanks Jamiu!

Kody Steddy

Sep 9, 2019

Group Leads is a reliable, quality software that has also eliminated the amount of clicks needed to secure group member data. Making my job quicker and easier. Jamiu the developer is dependable and a devoted craftsmen.Very impressed! Thank you for a great tool.

Thanks Jamiu!

Ryan Bowles

Oct 16, 2019

The tool is amazing and it saves me a lot of time and stress of managing my FB groups. I was struggling of always manually approving my FB requests, copy/paste the info in the xls and then mass import it to active campaign. Well all of that is behind me now. All I have to do is press Approve and voila ... everything is being tracked and imported automatically. And the support is amazing. They are very quick and reliable and I would recommend this tool to anybody that wants to make their FB group management process easy!!

Anamaria Scuric

Dec 01, 2019

Wow! What an amazing tool! Saves so much faffing about and helps keeps things simple (which myself and my clients are a big fan of!)
The customer service is exceptional. Jamiu is a tech genius and so very helpful. He goes above & beyond to help you.Highly recommend.

Thanks Jamiu!

Joan Strachan

Oct 01, 2019

The most important software that Facebook Group Owners need to have. Saves my time and VA & support admin's time on accepting and welcoming new group members. Groups Leads, makes your lead generation efforts from a Facebook group become as automated as possible, while maintaining a personal touch in your messaging. Love it! Thank you!

Nomiki Georgiadis

Aug 19, 2019

Love the native integration with my autoresponder and the team was always quick to push out updates whenever Facebook changed their code so we could continue to use the extension with little interruption!

Definitely made my experience as a group owner much easier! And not to mention they did way more and charged way less than a lot of the competitors out there!

Cameron Arsenault

Nov 17, 2022

FB groups. Jamiu jumped on Zoom to help check my setup to make sure that the extension was installed and configured correctly. We ran a test to make sure that data was getting pulled from the FB group into a google sheet as well as into my email software (Convertkit). Everything is working as expected. This will be a massive time saver - thanks Jamiu!

Anf @ Simple Creative Marketing

Jan 18, 2022

Customer support was awesome and so quick! This extension is everything they say it is and saves VAs sooo much time in manual work. We were having our VA manually upload emails from our Facebook group to a Google Spreadsheet and then using Zapier to integrate that with our email CRM. It was too tedious and time consuming, so this saved us all that time plus what we were paying a VA to do all the work to manually update the spreadsheet. Additionally, it saves us a lot of money over Zapier since we no longer need to use that to integrate our group members into our email CRM since this extension does it all automatically for us. Definitely recommend and will be using it for other groups as well! Thank you to the developer for developing such a great time saving product!

Toccara Drucker

Nov 27, 2019

Just been using it for a few days, but it's such an awesome tool! Great support too, as I hada little problem setting it up, they got me up and running with it!

One product suggestion: In addition to the Custom Decline Message, it would be wonderful to have a Custom Welcome Message as well. Thank you again for making such a great piece of software!

Nadine Sabulsky

Mar 14, 2020

Customer service is absolutely amazing! I wasn't able to use it right away due to some issues with our networks and multi-users but their support team was able to get us running and using the product in no time. We have been using Group Leads now for a month and it is a great tool to collect information from our Social Media group.

Monica Vallejo

Aug 16, 2019

This is extension is going to save us so much time! In addition, I chatted my questions over and the team replied instantly and hopped on zoom with me to walk me through everything. It is an African based company and I am pleased to support global entrepreneurship..

Amber McCue

Oct 10, 2019

Where has this been? This simple, easy-to-use extension has just saves us so much time and streamlined our Facebook group entry process. (And the support is crazy-impressive.) So glad we found this.

Kathy Ver Eecke

Nov 24, 2019

This is a great experience. The "Group Leads" team held my hand through the entire instillation process and showed me step by step how to use the system. It works great! It is a big time saver. I am going to be RICH!

Anthon Grantham

Oct 3, 2019