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Comparing Group Leads vs. Group Doorman

See how we compare side by side with Group Doorman in terms of pricing, features, and integration. Why should you choose Group Leads?

Live chat support Yes No
Starting Price $27 $15
Free Trial? Yes - 7 days free trial Yes - 14 days free trial
Number of Groups for the price 2 allowed on the basic plan Not sure
Use on unlimited computers Yes No
Is Zapier needed No Yes
Direct integration with autoresponders Yes (60 autoresponder/CRMs) No
Private dashboard for storing leads Yes with lots of options Yes
Add data of your new Facebook group members into a Google spreadsheet. One Click Yes
Schedule Zoom call with customer support team. Yes No
Facebook group automatic approval Yes No
Auto message declined group members Yes No
Auto decline new group members based on keywords Yes No
Tag new group members in welcome post Yes No
Send welcome message to new group members Yes No
Message new group members before approval Yes No
Apply tag to new member via (Chatsilo) Yes No
Create an Admin Bio to generate brand awareness & visibility Yes No
Create a Group Profile to get brand endorsements Yes No
Promote your Facebook groups on your website & wordpress blogs via the group plugin. Yes No

Why entrepreneurs are switching from Group Doorman to Group Leads

Going for Group Doorman is okay but Group Leads provides more.

Facebook Group Automatic Approval

With Group Leads, you can automatically approve new Facebook group members and send the members' information to a Google sheet and your email marketing program at the same time.

You never have to copy or paste any data from your Facebook Group ever again.

Auto Message Declined Group Members

Send personalized messages based on several parameters using our auto decline messaging feature.

Detect and Decline Potential Scammers

Automatically reject spammers� membership requests.

Group Leads make sure your group is secure and that you receive high-quality leads.

Auto Tag New Group Members

When you approve new group members' membership, we give you the option to tag them immediately in your welcome post.

Message New Group Member Before Approval

Automatically reject spammers� membership requests. Group Leads make sure your group is secure and that you receive high-quality leads.

Wide range of Autoresponder Integrations

Group Leads integrates with 55+ popular email marketing software & CRMs. Once connected, you can set up different behavior rules to deliver anything to your group members after adding them to your email list and much more!

More than the average Group Convert extension

We have powerful built-in features to help you run your business. Automatically approve new members, get valuable analytics information, and earn money through our affiliate program.

Money-back guarantee

We back up our promises with a money-back guarantee. You are sure to love Group Leads and be impressed by the many features we provide.

However, we will provide a full refund if you are not satisfied.

More than just a spreadsheet

Group Leads offers more than just a place to hold your Facebook Group data. Our Chrome extension makes it possible to automate processes that would otherwise take you a long time to complete. From approving your new group member to extracting data, we help you handle it all.



Terry W

"Group Leads - Great Software"

This software is very easy to set-up and use. It enable me to collect email leads from people requesting to join my facebook group. I've been using it for over 2 years and I would not be without it. The leads are collected automatically and added to my email autoresponder system.

There is nothing I dislike about the software, it gets updated regularly.

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Group Doorman is a Google Chrome extension that gets email leads from your new Facebook group members and adds them to Google Sheets or autoresponder.

You can acquire lifelong access to Group Doorman for a one-time fee of $299. A monthly subscription plan goes for $15, and an annual plan for $149.

Group Leads! It’s a more affordable, convenient, and advanced option for converting your Facebook group members into leads. With lots of unique features to ensure you make the most of your group management.

First, Group Leads allows you to promote your Facebook groups on your website & wordpress blogs via the group plugin, which Group Doorman does not. With Group Leads, you can detect and decline spammer’s membership requests and tag new members in a welcome post.

We integrate with 55+ autoresponders. This is just the top of the list. Group Leads provides everything you need for efficient Facebook group management and lead generation.