Group Extractor vs Group Leads

Ease of use -
Live chat support
Starting Pricing $27 $19
Is Zapier needed
Direct integration with autoresponders
Private dashboard for storing leads
Number of Groups 2 1
Facebook group automatic approval
Auto message declined group members
Auto decline new group members based on keywords
Tag new group members in welcome post
Send welcome message to new group members
Message new group members before approval
Apply tag to new member via (Chatsilo)
Send new group member data to your private dashboard
Use on unlimited computers -

Over 10,000+ Users Choose Group Leads

An average of 5 stars reviews on Google Chrome webstore

HUGE fan of this plugin! When it comes to pulling leads from Facebook group questions, but this one integrates with autoresponder APIs and they're always adding new integrations.I LOVE THAT FEATURE.

If you've ever used a plugin like this before, you know that sending the leads to a Google Sheet and zapping it to your autoresponder is a gaint pain in the butt, and it doesn't always work right. This plugin takes care of the hassle for you. I'll use it for as long as I'm running Facebook groups.

Ronald Saker

Jan 8, 2020

I'll be honest that I was skeptical of this extension and the accuracy and competitive pricing. I have days that I bring in 30+ qualified leads into FB groups daily and this has been a game-changer! I'll be sure to share with my network and clients

Michelle Nicole McNabb

Apr 23, 2019

Great software! I was sceptical at the start whether it would work as advertised, but it's been great. Few little bugs to start with, but Jamiu responded very quickly and had them fixed faster than i've ever seen from a software company. We get 30+ leads every day and this has saved us so much time and gotten us so much quality market research. Plus there is no need for Zapier like the other similar extensions on the market. More inclusive with a reasonable price for the time saved.onal and gone to great lengths to assist me. Her patience with me as I continuously changed my plans is to be commended. Her service re-affirms why I always choose to book through an agency instead of directly.

Thanks Jamiu!

Kody Steddy

Sep 9, 2019

Customer support was awesome and so quick! This extension is everything they say it is and saves VAs sooo much time in manual work. We were having our VA manually upload emails from our Facebook group to a Google Spreadsheet and then using Zapier to integrate that with our email CRM. It was too tedious and time consuming, so this saved us all that time plus what we were paying a VA to do all the work to manually update the spreadsheet. Additionally, it saves us a lot of money over Zapier since we no longer need to use that to integrate our group members into our email CRM since this extension does it all automatically for us. Definitely recommend and will be using it for other groups as well! Thank you to the developer for developing such a great time saving product!

Toccara Drucker

Nov 27, 2019

Just been using it for a few days, but it's such an awesome tool! Great support too, as I hada little problem setting it up, they got me up and running with it!

One product suggestion: In addition to the Custom Decline Message, it would be wonderful to have a Custom Welcome Message as well. Thank you again for making such a great piece of software!

Nadine Sabulsky

Mar 14, 2020

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