The Best Group Funnels Alternative In 2020 (Seriously)

If you’re reading this, it’s probably you are looking for the best Group Funnels alternative in 2020.

You may fall into any of these two categories of people:

  1. You purchased Group Funnels but you’re not satisfied with the way the chrome extension is working or not getting the needed support from the creator.
  2. You are about to order Group Funnels but because of its pricing, you feel it’s too expensive for what it does.

Whichever category you fall, please read on and you will definitely get the answer to your predicament within a few minutes from now.

Group Funnels Alternative

What Is The Best Facebook Group Funnels Alternative?

Good question.

Several months back I was asking this same question because I was looking to create group funnels but I could not say it out loud and even know where to find an answer to the problem just like you are about to discover today.

Is Group Leads The Best Group Funnels Alternative?

There are two working options out there but as of now, Group Leads is the best alternative to Group Funnels by Arne Giske considering different factors which I will touch in this write-up.

What is Group Leads?

Group Leads is a google chrome extension that helps you convert new Facebook group members into leads in Google sheet as well as in your favourite email marketing software with just one click.

It works in such a way that you won’t need to do any copy and pasting of new members joining your group into excel or Google sheet any more.

So just like what GroupFunnels does, Group Leads also saves you tonnes of time, help you to build your email list & make more money from your Facebook group.

Here are some of the reasons why Group Leads should be your go-to alternative to group funnels chrome extension:

1. Ease of use

Group leads is very simple to use and has a very low learning curve.


You only have to go through three steps which are:

  • Make a copy of the official Google sheet and format.
  • Enter your Google sheet URL
  • Select your email marketing software and enter the API details to hook it up with Group Leads.

It also comes with beautifully laid out step by step documentation/videos that ensure you get you set up in minutes even without having to get in touch with support.

2. Zapier is not required

This is one of the main differentiation between Group Leads and other Facebook group leads generation software out there.

Group Funnels require that you buy Zapier subscription before it will work, else the software is plainly useless.

You can’t even add leads details to google sheet not to talk of adding them to any of your email autoresponders without Zapier.

Then if your Facebook group is growing super fast, you continue to run out of zaps so you need to upgrade to the more expensive Zapier monthly subscription.

With Group Leads, you can save lots of money on this, you don’t need Zapier at all.

3. It’s extremely affordable

Have you ever wondered how much does group funnels cost?

Group Funnels will cost you $297 upfront before you can even lay your hands on it, unlike Group Leads which you can even get started for FREE today.

I mean, you can start with free trial version and if you don’t like it, you just abandon it. It’s totally risk-free.

You can purchase a plan (if you’re satisfied with the free trial) which starts at $8.99 (very affordable) and it also comes with 100% 30 days money-back guarantee.

Group Funnels Pricing

4. One-click Facebook group leads generation

Group Leads allows you to have just one click Facebook group lead generation.

Immediately you select your filter and click on the red custom approve all button, the data of your new Facebook group members would be simultaneously saved to your Google sheet and their emails would be added to your email marketing autoresponder.

5. Awesome customer service

When it comes to getting great customer service from using a software, I’m sure you won’t go wrong with Group Leads.

There are four channels from which you can seek support and possibly ask questions before getting started on your free trial:

  • Live chat
  • Email
  • You can request a zoom setup call
  • You can ask questions inside Group Leads support Facebook group.

6. Custom decline messaging

Sometimes you want to automatically message new members who don’t fill up the three welcome questions when they join your Facebook group.

It can be painful trying to copy the text, customizing the name of the declined members and manually sending the messages one after the other.

Group Leads has a feature that allows you to automatically message new members who you decline from joining your group.

You just need to put in the decline message and you have ability to input custom fields which you can use to mention new members’ first, last, full names, the link to your group and the name of your group.

There are other customizations options that ensure your message is natural in the eyes of Facebook.


There you have Group Leads – the best Facebook group funnels alternative in 2020. It’s very easy to use and the best of it all is the fast support behind the product.

Want to get started for FREE? Just click here to learn more.