The Best Groupkit Alternative In 2020 [Check Now]

Your Facebook group is powerful and dynamic.

Your group is growing quickly every day to the point where you realized you needed to automate. 

Then you found Groupkit. A Google Chrome extension to solve your automation and lead generation issues. 

Download. Pay. Setup. Run. 

You did that smoothly. And you even began the lead generation process. Then you ran into a problem. 

You saw that your email marketing software isn’t on the list. You were requested to get yourself a Zapier subscription to do that. 

Another Monthly payment.

And then you felt you needed the best Groupkit alternative to help you do more than just lead generation without making your pockets empty monthly. 

Read on to find out your best alternative to Groupkit in 2020.

What is Groupkit?

In the labyrinth of options in the market, Groupkit is a chrome extension that helps you collect your leads from your Facebook group. 

It also helps you keep to track member approval requests and manage follow-ups with group members. 

Groupkit also allows you to create custom and lookalike audiences with its CRM technology. 

The Best Groupkit Alternative You Need

Your time is precious. So is your money. We believe you should always be spending less to earn more. 

With Groupkit, you’ll end up shelling out a lot more bucks than you need to for a few selective functions. 

Instead, what you actually need is a Groupkit alternative. 

And that is: Group Leads

A true tech star that delivers its promise to completely automate the lead generation process of your Facebook group, right till the very end of the process. 

Oh, and it does so much more than that (without digging big holes in your pocket).

Introducing: Group Leads

Group Leads is a remarkably formulated Chrome extension that has a power-packed multi-function and easy to use interface. 

Along with generating leads for you, it also makes many of your Facebook group running tasks go on autopilot. 

You never, ever need to add a Zapier subscription (which will cost you $25 monthly) to add in your favourite email autoresponder. 

Group Leads is also the only software tool in the market that offers you a huge bunch of Facebook group-running tasks with multiple options, all in one package. 

Group Leads vs. Groupkit

With digital sales booming in 2020, you need the best Groupkit alternative to be successful with your Facebook group. And Group Leads is the best one for you. 

Here’s why:

Email Autoresponders & CRMs Support

The whole point about getting yourself a software tool to generate leads is to connect your Facebook group with your favourite email marketing software. 

Your software must swiftly transfer your leads into contacts into your email autoresponder. 

Groupkit offers you no more than 5 options to choose from as your email marketing software. If none of them is what you have been using all along, then you need to get Zapier, buy its subscription, navigate the two software each time to just connect your leads to your email list. 

On the other hand, Group Leads simplifies all of that. Group Leads supports over 29 email autoresponders to help you instantly grow your email list and convert leads into paying customers and clients. 

No extra payment, no extra hassles, no time-consuming processes. 

‘Save’ Money

You shouldn’t have to spend a lot monthly to generate leads or to run your Facebook group automatically. 

Groupkit offers you a basic package of 34$ per month and only supports only one Facebook group in that option. It performs a total of 3 functions:

  1. Collects data from your Facebook group when new members join into their CRM. 
  2. Helps you create custom audiences. 
  3. Tracks pre-approvals of members into your group and provides a follow-up. 

Group Leads, on the other hand, has 8 functions to automate for you without you doing a single thing, all in one package which you can choose according to your needs. 

We understand that there are small to big users of Facebook groups and each of them have their own budgets. We’ve therefore decided to offer maximum functions in Group Leads packages to each group owner. 

Multiple groups on Facebook? No problem, Group Leads has the best packages built around your needs. 

Prevent Data Loss

All your leads could vanish if you have them stored in just one place. Like they say, ‘ Never put all your eggs in one basket’.

Groupkit collects your leads from Facebook joining members and puts them all in your Groupkit CRM tool. An accidental erasure or glitch could mean you lose everything you’ve collected so far. 

Group Leads saves your data in three places. It saves your leads in the dashboard, a Google sheet and your email marketing software. 

In this way, you’ll never lose your precious data. 

Multiple Filters to Auto-approve members

Group Leads provides you with a variety of options to set filters before automatically approving members into your Facebook groups. 

This is important to keep out irrelevant members and spammers who will only end up bringing your search engine stats and group engagement. 

If you’d like to accept members into your group only once they enter all the three questions, or you wish to just keep out those who do not enter the email address, or their location matters, or has been on Facebook for some set time, etc, you can easily set up these filters on Group Leads dashboard. This can be done before auto-approval of members. 

Unlike Groupkit, which just lets members into your group, then you’ll go hounding and finding who entered what answers and who missed which ones. 

Auto-Message To Declined Members

Remember the people you did not let into your group because they didn’t answer your group onboarding questions?

Well, what if they just simply forgot or somehow missed the questions and could actually be genuine people who want to join your group and buy from you?

Group Leads has an additional feature that allows you to create custom messages based on different criteria. These messages are saved in your Group Leads CRM and sent out to the declined members at time intervals of your choice.

This will neatly filter out the spammers and let in genuine members into your group who turn out to be boosting sales for you.

In Groupkit, there is no such option. 

Say No To Fake Accounts

How do you know if an account is fake? How do you know if they are bots just infiltrating your group and bringing down your stats by inactivity or spamming? And how do you keep them away?

Group Leads has designed an option to solve all of these issues for you. 

Fake accounts and bots leave repetitive answers every time in each group and from each account they have. All you do is enter those keywords on the auto-decline window and done!

Away with bots and fake accounts. 

Goupkit is yet to catch up with solutions to these constant problems. 

Auto-tag New Members & Welcome Post

The aim of Group Leads is to automate as many groups running tasks as possible for you, along with generating leads. 

One more amazing task that you can stop doing manually is tagging new members as they join into your Welcome Posts. With Group Leads, you can easily tag new members into your welcome posts. 

You can even easily customize and build in your welcome message and send it out automatically at intervals of your choice. 


With the above points in mind, it is safe to say that Group Leads is the best Groupkit alternative that you need in 2020. 

Unmatched functionality makes a software stand tall and longer and much more successful in the market. 

Group Leads has a record 2700+ entrepreneurs and businesses using the chrome extension daily and finding manifold success in sales from their Facebook groups. 

Let Group Leads help you save time, grow your money, generate leads, do everything automatically for you. Go ahead and test it for FREE