The Best Groups Ninja Alternative In 2020

Have you installed groups ninja chrome extension but it’s buggy or it’s not working at all and you’re researching for better alternatives?

If Yes, then calm down, take a cup of coffee and read till the end of this article.

In this blog post, you would get to know the best groups ninja alternative in the market.

What is Groups Ninja?

Groups Ninja is a google chrome extension that helps you collect email addresses from new members of your Facebook group and helps you save them in a new tab on your browser.

No worries, here is the best groups ninja alternative you can start using today.

That is where it ends.

  • No google sheet integration.
  • No automation with the current email marketing software in the market.

And then from the tab, you can copy and paste those contacts to any destination.

The Best Groups Ninja Alternative In 2020

When it comes to chrome extensions for generating leads from your Facebook group as an admin, there are few alternatives out there but also there are factors you need to consider before you choose which one to go for.

In one of my previous articles, I wrote about the best alternative of group funnels, you can find it here.

Without wasting your time, when it comes to the best alternative to groups ninja as of this year, you should definitely go for Group Leads.

Group Leads Vs Groups Ninja

If you find yourself in a tight corner and you need to choose one out of these two chrome extensions, I would advise you to go for Group Leads instead of groups ninja because of several reasons:

1. Popularity & ease of use

Unlike Groups Ninja, Group Leads is popular. It’s currently being used by 2000+ Facebook group owners all over the world and it’s stable.

It is just too easy to setup. After downloading, all you need to do is to make a copy of the provided google spreadsheet template and rename it with that of your group name.

After that, you need to set up your email marketing autoresponder by selecting among the list of autoresponders on the dashboard. Input your list name and API key.

That’s it.

Save everything and forget about it. Each time you have new member request(s) on your group, what would happen is that Group Leads would add a red custom approve all button to the group request area.

You then need to filter the requests based on your needs and a single click of the custom approve all button does two things:

new facebook group feature

1.) It collects all the details of your new members such as user IDs, first name, last name, when they joined Facebook, the three questions and answers and finally when the details are added to Google sheet as you can see in the image above.

2.) It takes the emails provided by these members and automatically add them to the email list on your CRM.

Your welcome series get sent out to all members and eventually, you can continue to sell to your Facebook group members every now and then via email automation.

2. Superb customer support


When it comes to customer support, you can’t go wrong with Group Leads as the support team would literally be attending to your requests immediately you send it to them.

This is not to brag.

We are better than all of them because the people behind those products are influencers, so they don’t dedicate so much time into providing support to users.

3. Frequent updates

As you can see from the image below, Group Leads is constantly been worked on and updated unlike others of its kind.

groups ninja alternative

4. Zapier is not required

Unlike Group Leads, you need to subscribe to Zapier for you to use Groups Ninja chrome extension.


Now, you’ve been able to discover the best alternative to groups ninja.

Group Leads is considered the best because it is super easy to use, no copy and pasting to your spreadsheet, doesn’t require Zapier, it’s not clunky and the guys behind the product provide very fast support via email and other reasons.

Would you like to give Group leads a trial? If your answer is yes, then you need to download it from the chrome store.