The Best Groups Pro Alternative In 2020 (Try it now)

You’ve got a thriving Facebook group and by chance you discovered Groups Pro chrome extension. 

You were convinced to order the extension at a one-time pricing of $197 but as you started using the tool, you constantly ran into issues. 

Different bugs, data not getting added to your Google Sheet neither to your email marketing software.

Or maybe your email marketing software is not supported and because of this, you resorted into using Zapier.

In this post, I am going to show you a better Groups Pro alternative in 2020.

Let’s get started.

What is Groups PRO extension

Groups Pro is a brand new Google chrome extension that helps you to automatically approve new members into your Facebook group depending on different criteria:

You can auto approve: 

  • All members.
  • Members that have answered all questions before joining your group.
  • Members who exist on your Google sheet.

What is the Best Groups Pro Alternative in 2020?

Group Leads is the best Group Pro alternative you can find this year. 

You might have not heard or seen this Groups Pro alternative before now.


Because as people always say that the best product doesn’t usually have the best marketing.

95% of the team time is spent in supporting current customers and also making the product better.

What is Group Leads?

Group Leads is a google chrome extension that helps you automate lead generation from new members joining your Facebook group without the need for Zapier.

Meaning the extension has direct integration with your email marketing software or CRM.

As at today, it’s being used by 2000+ users (individuals & businesses – including top brands) all over the world and has 5 star ratings on the google chrome store.

Groups Pro Alternative

Group Leads vs Groups Pro 

Group Leads is a better alternative to Groups Pro because of the following reasons.

New Facebook Layout Support

Group Leads support the new Facebook layout whereas Groups Pro does not support the new Facebook layout and there is no notice on their website that this is going to be done anytime soon.

Group Leads New Facebook Layout Support

Group Leads has more Features than Groups Pro

The Group Leads team consist of 10 software developers in two countries. Because of this, the product is constantly being improved on a daily basis. 

Unlike Groups Pro which was created by a marketer. Being able to iterate and add as many features as what is currently within Group Leads would take some time. 

The basic feature that’s present within Groups Pro is the auto approval feature and it’s also available within Group Leads with even more customization as you can see below.

Group Leads Automatic Approval

You can use Group Leads automatic approval feature. With this, you don’t even need to click anything. You just need to turn on the feature, set it up at the interval you want it to run and also put other criteria for the automatic approval.

Wait for the time to come, the extension is going to open up your Facebook group request page and approve new members that meet your criteria. The tab will be closed after the approval process is completed.

Groups Pro Alternative

Mature product and good customer support

The customer support of the Group Leads team cannot be compared with that of Groupspro. You can use three channels to get support from Group Leads:

  • Email
  • Exclusive customer Facebook group
  • Live chat on the website.
  • Zoom call with the founder of the extension
groups pro alternative

Unlike Groupspro which started in 2020, the development of Group Leads started way back December, 2018 and because of the frequent iteration by the group leads team, the extension has got awesome features over time. 

Here are some of the features you can expect to see within the extension:

  • Facebook Group Lead Generation
  • Facebook Group Automatic Approval
  • Auto Message Declined Group Members
  • Auto Decline New Group Members
  • Send New Group Member Data To Three Places – Google sheet, your CRM and you web app

Group Leads has way more integrations than Groups Pro!

Unlike Groupspro which uses Zapier, Group Leads is made to work without relying on Zapier. 

Subscriber to Zapier would even cost you more money than how much you would use to order for Groupspro.

groups pro alternatives

Group Leads chrome extension has 23 direct integrations so you don’t have to pay anything to Zapier. 

Another cool thing is if your CRM or email marketing software is not among the ones that are currently integrated, you can request for it.

Depending on how easy the API of the CRM is, the team can get it done in a very short period of time. Sometimes within 24-48 hours. You just have to request for it.

Group Leads Autoresponder Integrations

Save Time, Money and Grow Your List!

Getting quality leads from your Facebook group should not cost you an arm and a leg.

You can easily automate the process with the help of Group Leads chrome extension and you will be happy that made that decision.

As you can see from the screenshot below.

Andre – one of Group Leads customers was able to capture 5000 email addresses from his Facebook group while everything is automated. 

Is that not cool?

Group Leads Customer Support

Final Thoughts

I can go on forever while I prove to you why Group Leads is the best alternative to GroupsPRO.

You definitely want to go for Group Leads because it’s feature rich, affordable, easy to use and backed by great customer support.

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